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This machine manufactured by Acan is apart of the group of raw material processing machines. It is used for grinding between 5-10mm with a double flywheel. The closed system made of steel construction operates with flywheels and moving hammers that can be changed on a moving grid accompanied by two separate electric motors and a belt drive pulley.

Internally, the body is completely covered with armor plates and machine wear. The capacity can be changed between 15 and 75 tons.

According to the capacities of the cylinders the breakers are made of 4-6 mm thick steel sheets , both ends of the cylinder capacity is in accordance with 10-12 mm and are coated with thick steel sheets. These breakers are used in bearing systems, and high-quality heavy-duty bearings. In order for this crusher to operate vibration-free the rotors need to undergo static and dynamic balance tests with particular care.



A coal crusher consisting of a double roll.
The crusher contains two crusher rolls with a preset gap between the rolls. It has adjustable gap settings, tramp metal roll relief and is designed to operate in the wet, environment.


ACAN Roll Crushers are ideal for producers who want to accomplish two stages of reduction in one pass. They can be used in coal, salt, lime, pet coke and potash operations, among others. These crushers are designed as two Double Roll Crushers with both the primary and secondary stage achieving. The intermeshing tooth design in the ACAN crusher means that no timing gears are required.


Single Roll Crushers are primary crushers that provide a crushing ratio. They reduce materials such as coal, mine refuse, shale, slate, gypsum, bauxite, salt, soft shale, etc., from large size particles to a medium size, while producing minimal fines. Designed with an interrupted opening between the roll teeth and corresponding grooves in the crushing plate liners, they are also extremely effective in reducing slabby materials.


ACAN Crushing and Screening Rotary Drum for Aluminum Dross.

Dross mass are transferred onto the teeth are broken in the entrance. Hard dross, crushed by drum crusher in the second section. The crushed dross is separated into two or three products. Aluminum oxide, aluminum metallic and metal. Aluminum oxide through sieves in the third section engages the bottom of the rotary drum. Aluminum oxide, until 3mm falls below is automatically poured into the entrance of the rotary drum crusher. Metallic aluminum and metal pieces will be discharged from the rear of the rotary drum. With magnetic tape from the rotary drum output is separated metallic aluminum and metal. At the entrance and inside the rotating drum crusher dust flying, it is sent through suction filter dust extractor.


– To reclaim metallic aluminum, crash dross with salt and white dross, separates and screens
– White aluminum oxide decomposing metal, preparing for the briquetting process.
– Salt alumina is clean from the metallic aluminum. Salty aluminum oxide, is preparing for the washing process.


The basic principle of scrap crusher is impact of material by hammer beating. When the material enters into the crusher, it is suffered impact from the high speed rotary hammers, flap of the crushing chamber body and at the same time strike among materials. Thus material is grinded by lots of times. The materials less than the sieving hole discharge from the clearance. Larger particles are hit again by the hammer. Final particle size is mainly decided by hole size of the sieve plate, so you can adjust the size by your requirements.