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The new reducing agent made from coals to 2. generation coke

Highly porous and highly active

The 2. generation coke is produced by thermal processing of coals by use a new patented pending technology

Resulting in a multifunctional reducing agent with high chemical activity

Picture of the 2. generation coke for metallurgy industry

The new reducing agent is made for effective interaction in heterogeneous environment with solid gas.

It has been specially created structure consisting tunnel of macro, micro and nano-pores that provide maximum gas permeability and a large surface area of contact of the reaction gases with the pore walls at high speeds of up flow gases ferroalloy furnace

Main differences between the new reducing agent vs. traditional structures of other carbonaceous materials used in the production of ferroalloys are:

Anisotropic highly porous structure with communicating pores open, which ensures immediate heating of the pore walls, thus achieving efficiency of pore space in a temperature reduction of metal oxides.

Main advantages of the new 2. generation reducing coke

  • Higher temperature of graphitization
  • Higher electrical resistance at high temperature
  • Higher reactivity and sorption capacity
  • Significantly higher mechanical strength
  • Higher content of solid carbon
  • Lower volatile content
  • Developed anisotropic structures of interconnected pores

Directions of application represented reducing agent

  • In the production of ferrosilicon (FeSi), all brands of especially pure of impurities.
  • In the production of crystalline silicon (Si).
  • Active carburizer for steelmaking.
  • In non-ferrous metallurgy -covering flux for melting copper, brass, bronze, instead of charcoal.
  • In the synthesis of fine-grained silicon carbide(SiC).
  • Inmakingcalciumcarbide (CaC2).
  • In the production of manganese alloys(FeMn; FeSiMn).
  • In the production of chromium alloys (FeCr; FeSiCr).
  • In the production silicocalcium all brands(SiCa).
  • The refinery gold production(Aυ).
  • Intermediate for sorbents.