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A Belt Conveyor is a system of pulleys with a long loop of fabric or other material stretched between them. They are used to conveniently move heavy objects from one part of a processing facility to another. Belt Conveyor can be extremely complex or quite simple.

The belt provides a continuous surface on which to place boxes or other objects. The inside of the belt is rough and strong, so as to stand up to the wear and tear of being pulled along by motorized wheels. The outer layer, which is the layer that workers use to convey materials, is usually softer and more impact resistant. It is common to treat it with some sort of non-skid surface, since there is no reason to take a chance that objects might bounce off if placed roughly or fall off if the conveyor has to take a turn. Rubber and plastic are both used for the belt material.


Having a superior chain formulation is only beneficial if the chain design is selected properly and the conveyor engineered around the chain fits the application conveyor and material handling system design, also must account for the total ownership needs of the plant.


Screw conveyors for powdery and granular materials

ACAN screw conveyors are diverse equipment, which are perfectly suited for transportation of powdery, granular, and wood-based materials. Our screw conveyors are cost-efficient solutions for conveying materials over short distances. Screw conveyors are able to convey materials both horizontally and vertically.

The capacity of screw conveyors is tailored to fit the customer’s specific needs. The material conveying capacity can be dimensioned up to thousands of cubic meters per hour. In addition, the material flow can be cooled or heated in the screw conveyor. The material flow can also be easily divided or combined.


Our range of wire mesh belt conveyors is assembled with the use of stainless steel and pins which are in turn fitted in hollow pin chain. These conveyors are used to feed hot billet to forging press and also to feed forged job to trim press from forging press. Wire mesh conveyor belts are also used in worldwide industries such as heat treating, forging, foundry, food processing, snack food, baking, ceramics, glass, automotive etc.