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Rotary drum dryer is heat exchange equipment used for drying wet products.
These dryers are mainly used for drying grain stillage on alcohol factories.
The product of drying the mixture decanted from wet cake and the filtrate is evaporated high-protein provender.
An international standard DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Soluble). Also, this type of dryer widely used in the light industry, chemical, food and other industries, where it is necessary to dry the products of high humidity, and viscosity.

The Main Advantages

1. Due to the design of the dryer vanes, managed to increase the heat transfer area and the uniformity of the product drying.
2. Structure for feeding vinasse blades individually in each of the dryer vanes, possible to avoid mixing with the condensed vapor, and greatly increase the drying efficiency.
3. Drying blades more useful to avoid burning the product.
4. On top of the dryer housing consists of double hull. This reduces the hot air flow, reduce heat loss, and strengthen the construction of the dryer.
5. Dryer housing is sealed to provide a sterile product, to ensure cleanliness in the working premises to reduce the noise of the dryer operation.
6. Due to automation, control over the number of the incoming hot air through the exhaust air temperature, automatic control mechanisms, the dryer can be operated 24 hours a day.


Drum drier is intended for drying coal, mineral, wood sawdust and other by a continuous method. Drying occurs due to direct contact with hot air. The material which is a subject drying is loaded between the furnace and rotating drum drier, and surrounded by hot air, passes through specially developed chambers of a drum. Unloading of a drum is carried out by the fan. In a cyclone there is a separation of a dry material from a smoke and steam which are removed outside through a pipe (chimney). A drum drier consists of drying drum and module heat generator.

Drum, it is isolated by mineral wool and provides optimum movement of the material, exposed to drying. The drum is set in motion an electric motor with a reducer. All design is frame construction. The floor under drum drier should be concrete with metal reinforcing.